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86 Minutes, UK

Factual drama following the story of Ray, a young boy on the cusp of adolescence who finds himself standing trial for murder. BBC / Kudos



BAFTA Nomination for BEST SINGLE DRAMA 2020

Directed by Nick Holt, written by Sean Buckley
Starring Billy Barratt, Michelle Fairley, Owen McDonnell, Tom Burke

from the Times (UK)
"told sparingly, eloquently and with such realistic dialogue and camerawork that at times it felt like a documentary." Carol Midgley LINK

from The Guardian

"The interrogation of Ray on the stand, interspersed with memories from the night of the murder, followed by the two timelines collapsing after the trial as Ray suffers nightmares in his cell, brings everything home. Debbie Honeywood, as the boys’ mother, gives a pitch-perfect portrayal of a woman numbed, her selfhood utterly corroded after years of suffering and abuse from Scott and – we suspect – Ray and Nathan’s alcoholic father. The brief scene between her and Ray after the verdict is truly harrowing." Lucy Mangan LINK

from Metro

"A story like this is meant to spark debate, and it grips you tight, and leaves you struggling for breath in pure frustration and anger and pity for everyone involved."

"Whatever the show’s outcome, no one would’ve been a winner here – but this one-off special really is a heartbreaker that deserves all the recognition it’s in line to get." Tilly Pearce LINK

from Mail on Sunday

"Barratt's performance was superb. He had a blank stare but, still, you understood the pain he was in and all the emotional turmoil roiling underneath." Deborah Ross LINK

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