A cinematographer with a uniquely intimate style and sensitive eye.


From scenes of peaceful realisation to ones of panic and violence, Nick puts precedence on characters and the world they inhabit. A multi-award-winning cinematographer Nick is known for the Edinburgh Best British Feature 'PIKADERO', Berlinale winning 'BUTTERFLY KISSES' and Amazon Primes India/UK co-production 'THE HUNGRY'. Other projects include the Academy Award Winning animation 'MISS TODD'.


Nick has shot extensively abroad, including India, Pakistan, Turkey, Dubai, Singapore as well as Africa (Kenya, Swaziland, Uganda and Zimbabwe). He enjoys working in a variety of languages alongside many different cultures and world views, a passion for people and their unique voices something he finds incredibly inspiring.


Starting his career as a camera assistant for the BBC; he received later awarded a Kodak Scholarship which enabled him to study and specialise in cinematography at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) under the tutelage of Brian Tufano BSC and Stuart Harris.


Recent projects include director Ben Sharrock's CANNES 2020 official competition feature 'LIMBO' for Film 4, BFI & Creative Scotland. Nick Holt's BBC2 BAFTA-nominated single drama 'RESPONSIBLE CHILD' and the Turkish, Danish co-production 'ANATOLIAN LEOPARD'.


As always he continues his work on a variety of short, experimental and documentary projects.

Make Up (2020)

from Sight and Sound

"Make Up is a mesmerising and original coming-of-age story that will leave you lost in its embrace long after the credits have rolled." Rebecca Harrison

from Screen Daily

"Oakley has crafted a story which packs an immersive sensory punch." Nikki Baughan

Responsible Child (2019)

from the Times (UK)
"told sparingly, eloquently and with such realistic dialogue and camerawork that at times it felt like a documentary." Carol Midgley

from Metro

"A story like this is meant to spark debate, and it grips you tight, and leaves you struggling for breath in pure frustration and anger and pity for everyone involved."

"Whatever the show’s outcome, no one would’ve been a winner here – but this one-off special really is a heartbreaker that deserves all the recognition it’s in line to get." Tilly Pearce

Pond Life (2018)

from Sight & Sound

"Thanks to some committed, sensitive performances, Nick Cooke’s gorgeously sun-soaked cinematography and a gruffly romantic soundtrack by Richard Hawley, Pond Life happily becomes more than the sum of it’s parts." Pamela Hutchinson

The Hungry (2017)

from Hollywood Reporter

"Apart from Sheetal Sharma’s eye-catching costumes, tech credits work together to create a highly atmospheric film. DP Nick Cooke’s diffuse lighting offers the unsettling colors of the polluted dawn mist in New Delhi, or the mirrored white hall of glass, a sort of corridor of power, inside the Ahuja family complex." Deborah Young


from Screen Daily

"There is notable work from cinematographer Nick Cooke as he captures misty morning scenes, contrasting rich and poor or glides through the courses of a vast and deadly wedding banquet." Allan Hunter

Butterfly Kisses (2016)
from The Guardian
"Strong performances are the basis of this promising piece of work; Nick Cooke’s high-contrast monochrome cinematography gives it an interestingly European feel."  Peter Bradshaw

from Tagesspiegel
“The images are intransigently acute, reflecting the disunity of Jake, who is increasingly drifting into isolation and so becomes ever more unattainable.” Kirsten Taylor

from Screen Daily
"Striking black-and-white camerawork from Nick Cooke - Cooke’s photography certainly creates an ominous atmosphere that’s a lot classier than the rough-grained Brit realist norm."  Jonathan Romney


Pikadero (2015)

from Screen Daily
"Carefully composed throughout with a fondness for long static shots and precise framing, especially in the couple’s frequent retreats to a railway station shelter, the film is a triumph for cinematographer Nick Cooke who contributes to a sense of lives diminished by their oppressive surroundings. Gorka’s family seem to be squashed into a home that is too small for all of them. Cooke also provides some beautiful images of starry night skies, piercing sunshine and the way bright colors intrude into an otherwise drab world." Allan Hunter

Nick Cooke Award Winning Cinematographer, Director of Photography, London DOP, UK. 

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