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Make Up / Molly Windsor / Claire Oakley / A Fever Dream
Make Up / Molly Windsor / Claire Oakley / Visceral
Make Up / Molly Windsor / Claire Oakley / Cinema


86 Minutes, UK

On a remote holiday park in Cornwall, a young woman is drawn into a mysterious obsession when she suspects her boyfriend has cheated on her.
"The out-of-season holiday resort, like the abandoned city or ruined temple, has something fascinating and even erotic in its emptiness. Writer-director Claire Oakley taps into this mood for her debut feature, a psychological drama-thriller set in a wintry caravan park in St Ives, Cornwall. She has taken the template of arthouse Brit realism and audaciously spiked it with some genre thrills as if Ken Loach collaborated with Brian De Palma or Nicolas Roeg. With cinematographer Nick Cooke, Oakley finds the bracingly different aspects of the Cornish landscape: ominous in the darkness, wild in the sunshine and menacing in the cold, as distant sea spray mixes with the cloud cover." Peter Bradshaw for The Guardian.


Written and Directed by Claire Oakley

Produced by Emily Morgan

Starring: Molly Windsor, Joseph Quinn & Stefanie Martini

Curzon Artificial Eye Make Up Nick Cooke DOP
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