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Butterfly Kisses TOP


96 Minutes, UK

Crystal Bear for Best Film, Berlinale 2017

Following a day in the life of Jake and his two best friends; a teenage world revolving around sex and porn.

Each friend has their own demons, but Jake has a dark secret. One that he can't confess to anyone, including his friends.

Directed by Rafael Kapelinski
Starring: Theo Stevenson, Rosie Day, Thomas Turgoose, Elliot Cowan and Charlotte Beaumont.

from Berlinale Jury
"Propelled by the rhythm of its powerful soundtrack and imagery, this film awakens a terrifying suspicion in the viewer. Without resorting to simple accusations of guilt, it confronts us with an explosive issue which our society has so far been unable to resolve. The finely differentiated characterizations inspire profound empathy for the protagonists. From the kaleidoscopic opening sequence onwards, we are captivated by the haunting intensity of this electrifying feature film debut." LINK

from Hollywood News

"Rafael Kapelinski‘s debut is a startling and confronting look into one teenager’s deviant desires." Kat Hughs LINK

from The Guardian

"Strong performances are the basis of this promising piece of work; Nick Cooke’s high-contrast monochrome cinematography gives it an interestingly European feel."  Peter Bradshaw LINK

from Tagesspiegel

“The images are intransigently acute, reflecting the disunity of Jake, who is increasingly drifting into isolation and so becomes ever more unattainable.” Kirsten Taylor LINK

from Screen Daily

"Striking black-and-white camerawork from Nick Cooke - Cooke’s photography certainly creates an ominous atmosphere that’s a lot classier than the rough-grained Brit realist norm." Jonathan Romney LINK

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